"Look at what you bring to the world, not what you lack." - Miranda Kate

Recommended Reading

Unlimited Power by Tony Robbins
Tony Robbins really knows what he is talking about and is definitely worth checking out. This books helps you understand how to take control of your thinking and be successful in life. A real eye opener.

Erroneous Zone by Dr Wayne Dyer
This is my favourite of his books and the one I most refer to, but Dr Wayne Dyer has a lot of books and guides to help you live a better more fuller life. I also own Pulling your Own Strings.

Staying OK by Amy & Thomas Harris
My therapist used this book for the basic structure and premise of his counseling. It helped me understand my feelings as well as how to backtrack and update core beliefs. They also wrote 'I'm OK - You're OK' 

The Highly Sensitive Person, by Elaine N Aron
As I have a highly sensitive child, I was drawn to this book when I realised I was a highly sensitive person. Not everyone is, but I found this really helpful when understanding my emotions. And the book 'The Highly Sensitive Person in Love' helped me understand my relationships.

Mirror Work, by Louise Hay

If you struggle with self-love and feeling valuable this is a brilliant book to help you work through the process of attaining those feelings within yourself first. Louise Hay is the founder of Hay House Publishing who publish pretty much everyone in the self-help and personal development arena.

How To Produce SPECTACULAR Results With Effortless Action, by Frederick Zappone
A long title, but a book that simplifies how to manage your thoughts and change them to help you day to day. I find all Frederick's ideas easy to grasp and implement. His Tough Love book about Money also help you rethink you thoughts on that too.

And My Story, if you want to take the time, on Stigma Fighters. 

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